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Making for Fun

September 9, 2012


This second week back to school has tested me in several ways: the onslaught of homework and the realization that 6th grade math is now beyond my ability (I am so in trouble if someone in Washington launches a “No Parent Left Behind” initiative); activities and meetings that have added to my to-do list expotentially; and Audrey, our Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, who has suddenly taken a liking to long, leisurely walks and will not stand for any talk about deadlines and schedules (in fact, any attempt to jumpstart the walk ends with all 50 lbs of her firmly planted on the ground).

Combine the school stuff with work deadlines – several consulting projects¬†and a quilt for an upcoming fundraiser (more to be revealed here in the next few weeks) – and the lights don’t seem to go off in our home until about 11 or 12 each night. Last night as I worked away though, I listened to the laughter and busyness in the next room as my daughter and her friend had some creative downtime. For a couple of hours, they crafted items from polymer clay and made silly bands into jewelry.

Here’s what my daughter had to say about crafting: ¬†“I like to make stuff because it is simply fun. One of my favorite You Tube channels is SoCraftastic’s. She [Sarah] has amazing tutorials and crafts ideas! One of my favorites and also the one I recently did this past week is a Silly Bandz bracelet. It’s really easy to make and is really cute looking! :)”

Here’s one of my favorite projects from her creative endeavors, a polymer clay donut, also from SoCraftastic …