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A New Favorite Product: The Laundress’ Wool and Cashmere Shampoo

March 29, 2012

With spring in full gear, I decided to clean out my closet a couple of weeks ago and pull out the wool sweaters that needed to go to the dry cleaners before being stowed away till fall. (I know I’m asking for 12 inches of snow by thinking it is a good idea to put away the woolens before March is ended!) When done, I looked through the basket and realized at about $6 a pop, I was probably looking at a $60 laundry bill easy … It is way more fun to shop for clothes than clean them!

Of course, I could not stop with just the current dry cleaning bill I was facing, I had to go back and start calculating the cost of upkeep of each wool sweater over its lifetime – an estimated $40 and counting for each of the sweaters above, yikes! As I tallied away on my calculator, the gods intervened by dropping in my lap (well not exactly, but close), a copy of the Wall Street Journal article on the The Laundress line of cleaning products. 48 hours later, I had in one hand a bottle of The Laundress’ Wool & Cashmere Shampoo and in the other an old but favorite SmartWool sweater. If it shrunk up small enough to fit my daughter, so be it. Per “The Laundress,” I turned the sweater inside out, filled the sink with cold water while pouring in two capfuls and began my experiment. 24 hours later, I was holding the sweater, now clean and dry – it smelled great with no petroleum scent, was super soft, and still the same size as it was before its dunk in the sink!

The soap is not cheap, $19 a bottle plus shipping if you order from the The Laundress website, but still cheaper than the cleaners. Thanks to the “Find Us” button on the website, I was able to find a store nearby that carried it and thus avoided the shipping charge.