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New News: A New Store, New Pattern, New Kits

November 21, 2011

There seems to be a lot of new going on in my life, right now – new online store, new pattern, new kits, new dog …

Audrey, 8 months old

After much back and forth over the course of the last 18 months, I have finally opened an online store on Big Cartel. During this time, I spent a lot of hours going back & forth – Etsy vs. Big Cartel. In the end, I opted for Big Cartel for several reasons, including it was fairly easy for someone with a severe case of technophobia (like me) to set up; its clean design; and a very responsive customer support staff. Hopefully, this will make it a bit easier to shop although customers can still call (630-810-0585) or e-mail ( me to place an order via credit card or personal check. New items in the store will be announced here and possibly added to the ever expanding sidebar at the right. The store will also have a limited amount of fabric for sale – right now, selected Marcia Derse fabrics are featured.

If you are in a similar boat about where to sell your handmade goods, talk to friends and others who sell online, read forums, and check out the sites themselves. This great blog post by Brigitte compares three of the big online sites, Etsy, Big Cartel, and Storenvy.

In October, I released a new quilt pattern, “Avenue.” This is the first in a series of small quilt patterns that are intended to be portable enough to tuck inside a purse or brief case to work on wherever your busy life takes you. “Avenue” finishes up to about 9″ x 11-1/2″ so it is small enough to work all by hand or you can combine machine piecing with hand quilting. If you have never given machine quilting a try, this is a perfect project for experimenting with that technique as well.

“Avenue” is available as a pattern only or as part of a kit that includes all fabric (for quilt front, back, and rod pocket) and batting – this makes a great gift, too, for other quilters. The kit is available in two colorways – the one above and the one below:

By the way, relative to the Etsy vs. Big Cartel decision, I don’t always take a lot of time to make important decisions. For example, we (my family and I) decided to adopt our 8-month puppy, Audrey, from a shelter in about 2 minutes, even though we had never had a dog before. Surprisingly, she has fit into our household fairly quickly and has been most helpful in unforeseen ways:  My son practiced his presentation for his Spanish class in front of her – it was on the Running of the Bulls in Spain, a topic that got her particularly excited and crazy as puppies sometimes get (I’ve learned). We thought it was a good sign that the presentation brought out so much emotion; in the end, he got an “A” on the project. Audrey was also able to bring quick closure to a dramatic situation in my 11-year old daughter’s life (where most things have a dramatic spin these days)  with a few swipes of her tongue across my daughter’s face. I was slightly jealous of Audrey since I had just spent 10 minutes trying to talk about the situation without much progress. In the future, I will simply call in Audrey and step aside while she works her magic!

Happy Thanksgiving!