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Patchwork Takes Center Stage at the Pratt Institute Senior Fashion Show

April 29, 2012

There are many patchwork clothing patterns and ready-made clothes out there but few come off looking as hip and fresh as those created by Pratt Institute student Kelsy Parkhouse. The colorwork is great but the line and proportions of the garment, the shoes, and the way the patchwork jacket below is paired with what looks like a long sheath dress make her designs look anything but frumpy.  (I say this here because some patchwork clothing just looks frumpy – or, at least, makes me feel frumpy when I put it on … ummm … could be my shoes.)

Take a look here at to see highlights from the Pratt Institute’s senior fashion show – scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit the “Launch Slideshow” button. Kelsy’s work is featured on slides 18 and 19 but there is plenty of inspiration on the other pages as well!


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While some designs are clearly meant for twenty somethings (or younger), there are a few here that I would love to try on!