Yvonne Malone

Since childhood, I have loved to craft.  In the summer while other kids looked forward to camp, swim lessons and other activities, I looked forward to finally having the time to make things – needlepoint pictures, macramé plant hangers, knitted scarves, decoupage pictures, and, yes, love beads – without the interference of school!

Today, I still love to design and make things, especially quilts, pillows and other objects that require a needle and thread – or a pair of knitting needles and hand-dyed yarn, a skein of embroidery floss and simple linen, or beads and silk thread . . .

There is inspiration all around that I draw upon when designing an object – the way morning light falls on a group of trees to expose different shades of green, a beautifully illustrated children’s book, even a story in the newspaper.  In the coming months, I hope you will visit this blog to fuel your own creativity.  There will be posts about specific projects, inspiring books, simple recipes, as well as “field trips” to visit other craftspeople and local shops.

Thank you for stopping by and happy crafting!


One Response to “Yvonne Malone”

  1. Theresa Kulat Says:

    I am with you. I distinctly remember at the age of 10 about 6 months into sewing lessons, I went into the basement to work on a project. I completely lost track of time. Joy of creating took over and it was great.

    Love the blog.

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