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Balance Notecards

October 26, 2013
Balance Notecards

Balance Notecards

When I was making “Balance,” a quilt inspired by the colors and symbols of the Chakra that I wrote about here, I thought the blocks would lend themselves really well to notecards. The cards feature some of my favorite blocks from the quilt on one side and on the flip side, in small print, is a phrase that suggests an action to take – for example, “Connect to nature … plant a garden” – that relates to the Chakra color featured on the front.

Whether you study the Chakras, are a healing arts professional, or simply like a good notecard, I hope you enjoy this set. The cards are available in my Big Cartel shop here, as well as through Anderson’s Bookshop, a great local independent bookshop in my neighborhood.

Notecard set includes 21 cards and envelopes -  3 each of 7 images

Notecard set includes 21 cards and envelopes –
3 each of 7 images

Recalibrating the Creative Self

October 10, 2013


The intention was to take a few weeks off this summer from writing here but once out of the habit, it has been hard to get back into the routine. (My visits to the gym have suffered a similar fate.) As I sit down at the keyboard on this beautiful fall day though, I realize the time away has been good – necessary really – to re-calibrate where I am going on several levels including my quilting work.

Spending time outside growing a vegetable garden, meeting friends for coffee or simply a walk, visiting family, and really focusing my business on work that I most enjoy has all been good for reinvigorating my creativity and professional life.

So, some excellent reads if you need to take a mental pause to figure out what’s next  …

Is there a particular book you have found insightful, inspiring as you decide what’s next in your creative life? Share it here by leaving a comment.