Pretzels (or Not Pretzels) to Eat by the Dozen

“Not” Pretzels

Several weeks ago the Chicago Tribune published the recipe for “Amish-Country Soft Pretzels.” They are one of the quickest and easiest yeast bread recipes I have ever made. It’s a fun one to do with kids (although you will have to share the finished product with them when done), or even, to make with friends or family as you gather round for brunch or a dinner party. My daughter renamed these “‘Not’ Pretzels” because they don’t taste exactly like a pretzel – but they aren’t made exactly like one either.

I made one minor change to the recipe – instead of using clarified butter, I used just a bit of olive oil.

A side note, here: These were coming out of the oven just as kids were coming through the front door after school. Keeping in mind that the recipe made 32 pretzels, there were still arguments the next day after all were gone about who got more. My advice, after you skim several off the top (a recipe finder’s fee of sorts), divide up equally in front of everyone and put in individual containers for each person. Then each person is responsible for their container and its contents. If they want to bury the container in the back yard and eat one a day, that’s their choice or if they want to eat them all at once, their choice, too.




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