Starting in the Fields – The Beginning of Fabric

Since Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882, to honor the hard work and achievements of Americans, it has also become synonymous with the end of summer, picnics, parades, and a last wave of summer release movies. Here are some films that look at the hard work that goes into growing the crops that ultimately become fabrics that we use to make quilts, clothing and many other everyday objects.

Please note, I am not a farmer, textile expert, or scientist. As you move through this list, I hope you are inspired, motivated to learn more, and will take a moment to pause and think about the story behind the fabric or clothing you are about to purchase …

Irish Flax Farming in the 1950s. I may be romanticizing here but the film shows the sense of community in this farming endeavor – certainly a lot of work but everyone pulls together. I especially love how the kids have found play in the hard work.

This short film, Be Linen by Benoit Millot is absolutely beautiful.

The Conventional Trap is a heart wrenching look at conventional cotton farming in India.

After the above video, I had to include one about organic farming in India, Back to Growing Organic Cotton, and one organization, Chetna Organic, that is helping farmers integrate organic farming processes that are sustainable  and profitable.

One Response to “Starting in the Fields – The Beginning of Fabric”

  1. Hilary Denk Says:

    Hi Yvonne, I posted this article on my FB page as my labor day post -I love the tie in between your use of textiles and the labor it takes manufacture fabric. Hilary

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