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Fantasy Summer Camp Schedule

June 7, 2012

I have been busy diverting money out of my checking account into sports camps, ballet classes, clothes and shoes for such activities, and now, the ballet recital (“oh my, my,” is all I have to say about this last one).  So, I took an hour to daydream about what would be on my own summer camp itinerary if I had a few weeks or months to slip away.  Here is my Fantasy Summer Camp Schedule  …

  • Penland School of Crafts –  “The mission of Penland School of Crafts is to support individual and artistic growth through craft” (Penland website), and it has been doing so since its founding in 1929.  I’m going to enroll in John Horn & Beth Lambert – Exploring Letterpress: A Class for Beginners offered June 24 – July 7 during Summer Session 3.  If that is full, I will simply close my eyes, run my finger down the list of classes, and just pick one, any one will do really.
  • Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp – Manistee National Forest in Michigan – Many kids in the Chicago area travel to Blue Lake each summer for their renowned music camps; the setting looks beautiful and peaceful, perfect for focusing on creating.  In my Fantasy Summer Camp Schedule, I am signing up for the Adult Improvisational Beading Camp – July 8 – July 11.
  • Santa Fe Photographic Workshops – Santa Fe, New Mexico – It is clear from the pictures on my blog that I can benefit from a workshop here. Plus, for many years, we received their course catalog in the mail several times a year. I feel they have spent so much in postage trying to get me to enroll in their classes, that I owe it to them.  That said, however, the classes look wonderful and I look forward to the time that I can move from the beginner level classes to the advanced. I will enroll in Basics of Digital Photography, July 15 – July 20.
  • Penland School of Crafts – I will revisit Penland July 22 – August 7 (Summer Session 5) for Wade Smith’s Fundamentals of Boat Building. Many years ago I visited Turkey and in one coastal town, saw the most beautiful small wooden boats in the harbor. While it does not sound like I will build my very own boat, it will be a pleasure to work on boats in progress and learn new skills and another approach to design. Perhaps I will be able to make a tiny boat (kitchen-sink size) at the end of class, or at the very least, have even more admiration for those wooden boats in the harbor I saw so many years ago.
  • Lill Street Art Center – Chicago, Illinois – I think I will pop home, do some laundry, and catch up with everyone.  While home, I will take advantage of several workshops at Lill Street, probably focusing on ceramics and textiles.
  • Squam Art Workshops – Holderness, New Hampshire – September 12 – 16.  The details of the fall class schedule are not posted on Squam’s website yet but in looking at the teachers lined up, I would like to take a class with each one!

The total cost of this summer camp schedule? Priceless!

There were many more camps to choose from but this will have to do for now.