A Spring Scarf with “Dancing Flowers” Fabric from M and S Textiles Australia

With spring perpetually around the corner this winter, I sat down to make a cotton scarf to go with one of my favorite cardigans, a sea green one from the Land’s End Canvas line. The fabric, “Dancing Flowers,” designed by June Smith for M&S Textiles Australia is absolutely delightful and is all about spring. I bought the green colorway but it comes in a pink, too.

I was feeling particularly frugal the day I bought this fabric and so only purchased 1/2 yard. Rather than making the 22″ square scarf I initially envisioned, I made a rectangular scarf measuring 39-1/2″ x 10-1/2″ when finished.  Here are the steps:

1. Cut fabric to the dimension you want. Look at a favorite scarf to help you decide how long/wide you want it; also think about what you are going to wear it with and how you like to tie scarves. I cut the fabric selvage to selvage and 11″ wide, allowing for a 1/4″ hem all around. I would have liked it a bit longer, but since I was working with a limited amount of fabric … sigh.

2. Stay-stitch 1/4″ in all around the edge of the scarf. (Note: Click on the picture to enlarge it and see the detail more clearly.)

3. Starting with the long edges, fold the raw edge to the wrong side of the fabric all around using a generous 1/4″ fold; as you do this steam press the edge in place (watch that hot steam on the fingers!).

4. Make a rolled hem by rolling the raw edge under the fold to the inside and using a blind stitch to tack it down; roll and stitch as you go beginning with the two long edges of the scarf and ending with the two short ends. When finished, your hem will measure a generous 1/8″, all raw edges will be concealed, and the stay stitching will not show when the scarf is flipped to the right side. Suggestion:  Start at one end, not in the middle as shown below.

5.  Wear it!

Looking for scarf tying inspiration? Check out this Liberty of London You Tube Video, just one of many scarf tying videos.

If you love the “Dancing Flowers” fabric but can’t find it in your locale, Pieceful Heart Fabrics in Lisle, Illinois still had a few yards left in the store the other day. When I did a quick search of other fabric places that carry the M&S line here in the U.S., some online retailers that popped up were: CantonVillage Quilt Works in Canton, CT;  FiberWorks in Billings, Montana; and Heart Song Quilts in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

Now better focus on the holiday at hand and make cards and cookies (the traditional Jackson Pollock inspired sugar cookies) for my daughter’s school party.


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One Response to “A Spring Scarf with “Dancing Flowers” Fabric from M and S Textiles Australia”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Hi Yvonne! What a beautiful way to use Dancing Flowers. I love that design. It is one of my favorites that I carry in the shop. Not sure which color I like the best. But I think all would look great in a scarf. Thanks for linking to my shop!

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