“Modern Blocks” Book Giveaway

Just in time for the holidays, I am giving away a copy of Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers. If you haven’t seen this book, you can read more about it on my November 13th post. To put your name in the hat for the drawing, simply leave a comment about quilting or fabric. (If, like me, you are still recovering from too much pie during Thanksgiving and need some ideas: Do you like working with solids, prints, or a combination best; do you like working on one project at a time or multiple; what colors are you most drawn to right now.)

Next Sunday, December 4th, my daughter with the assistance of our newest family member Audrey (see my last post), will draw the winner’s name from the hat. The winner will be announced here and then contacted via e-mail for mailing info, so stay tuned!


13 Responses to ““Modern Blocks” Book Giveaway”

  1. Yvonne Richard Says:

    I like to sew small projects, starting on a small Christmas ornament project for my first grade team.

  2. Genene Says:

    I love the book cover, Yvonne, and your patterns even more so. I’m grateful to see it all laid out here, rather than in my imagination! Thanks for the post, and pictures.

  3. TheREchick Says:

    I like working with solids!! Browns are my favorite! Love the book Yvonne!

  4. Gayle Says:

    Your book looks interesting.

    I am a multi-tasking longarm quilter. I like to piece tops and normally have several going at once, in different stages. I don’t like plaids or paisley, love all other fabrics. Turquoise and orange are my favorite colors. I like to make traditional quilts and art quilts.
    Most of all, I love longarm quilting with my hubby. We have his and hers Gammill machines and quilt in our studio together every day.
    Quilting is a wonderful lifestyle!

    Happy Quilting!

  5. Sharon Says:

    Thanks to Genene for telling me about this book! My goal for 2011 was to learn how to quilt and it’s been such an interesting ride. I’m on my second project now….

  6. Betty Says:

    Your blog is always so well written and touches on so many different topics. Of course, I love it when it includes family anecdotes and pictures.

  7. Lori B Says:

    The book looks great! What an inspiration? I always falter trying to mix the right patterns to make it look individual enough but still cohesive. But I love mixing lots of patterns in my crafts!

  8. Kelly Says:

    Thanks for sharing the news about this new book. It looks wonderful!

  9. Ann Says:

    Beautiful book! I think I hear my sewing machine calling my name! Love the updated look of the patterns.

  10. Hilary Denk Says:

    My daughter has been wanting to learn to sew and these patterns look like they are for all levels of expertise. Need to get one of your kits for Christmas for her and figure out how to thread my machine again! Love the layout of the book – just beautiful.

  11. Lisa Tang Says:

    Love the book and designs as well… Someone needs to retrain me to thread my sewing machine. 😦

  12. Teri Kulat Says:

    Good stuff!

  13. Joy Troyer Says:

    I’m relatively new to quilting. I make hangable pieces that are pictures or designs. I am starting to make my own patterns from my own designs – very cool! I work with printed fabrics that give the designs texture and shading. And I love bold bright colors that have flow and energy!

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