Portable Inspiration Board

This is the time of year when school just can’t start soon enough – the house is a mess as we have all lapsed into a summer routine (or lack thereof); the kids are getting on one another’s nerves; and every suggestion is met with “Do we have to?,” “I don’t want to go there!,” or “It’s so hot, I don’t want to go outside.” In other words, there is a lot of whining going on – and I hate to say it, but I have been doing my fair share these last few days. I am anxious to get busy on client work and other projects without umpteen interruptions.

One thing I have been trying to get to for about four weeks now is this post on a portable inspiration board and since a bit of time opened up (my son is at a friend’s house swimming and my daughter and her friend are looking for ghosts in our house – not likely I told them, but do watch out for the giant dust bunnies, pile of books to be donated to the library, heap of outgrown clothes to pass along to kids of friends and relatives, and all sorts of other obstacles)…here we go.

When we go on vacation, I always take a sketchpad and numerous pictures I’ve clipped from magazines that inspire me on some level. Invariably, the clippings fall out or begin to blow around (because I have to take them all to the beach or wherever I am sitting to sketch). As I carried deconstructed cereal boxes to the recycling bin several days before we left, I had an aha moment and decided to save a few. I simply cut the larger cereal box panels down to a size that could tuck into my sketch book and secured the pictures onto the cardboard panels with tape. Nothing scattered and I actually got to sketch rather than chase pictures. When we returned, some pictures stayed and others went into the recycling bin – along with the cardboard backing.

With vacation behind us for this year, I think I will take a few of these portable inspiration boards with me next time I’m able to steal away to the backyard and sketch – assuming I can get past the dust bunnies!

Happy sketching!


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