Thirty-Something Again for a Few Hours

Let me just start by saying I have not been to many concerts (okay, not counting High School Musical, probably one) in the last decade, so when my dear friend Diane called and invited me as her guest to see U2 in Chicago earlier this month, I was excited. Imagine, I thought, 24 hours without kids, a cat that likes to wake me up at 4 a.m., and other responsibilities that go along with being an adult – time to just catch up on each other’s lives and enjoy the music. Wonderful! To top it off, her tickets were in the Red Zone, which for U2 aficionados, means you can stand next to the rail and see the band members really close.

Flash forward to a few days later when I am at a neighbor’s backyard party listening to  one of the guys explain how he lost his wedding band in a mosh pit. Needless to say, my eyes were big, my heart racing, and my voice an octave higher. My neighbor assured me that this was not going to happen at a U2 concert.

The big day finally arrived and after some logistical close calls, I met up with Diane at the hotel, dropped my backpack off and we walked over to Soldier Field to eventually join 60,000+ U2 fans. Any lingering fears about a mosh pit soon evaporated – and a fellow concert goer soon clarified that the knifing story he was telling did not happen at a U2 concert – as concert goers shared stories about how many u2 concerts they had attended, what was their favorite, etc.

For a few hours, I was transported back to thirty-something. The music was great, the fans were excited, and the weather was perfect.

When the lights came up and we were walking back to the hotel, reality hit: It was 1 a.m., time to kick off my shoes and get to sleep!


One Response to “Thirty-Something Again for a Few Hours”

  1. Christi Branch Says:

    Love your design patterns! Can hardly wait to see the book!

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