Peeking into Where Artists Work with Lotta Jansdotter’s New Book, “Open Studios”

When Lotta Jansdotter’s new book, Open Studios: Twenty-Four Artists’ Spaces, arrived in my mailbox several weeks ago, I shoved everything aside, grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to have a look at where others make things. I just wish there was an interactive feature (a really interactive feature) where I could open up drawers, look into cupboards, touch the fabric, hold the finished products, and basically explore every nook and cranny of the studios featured!  I was familiar with some of the artists and designers profiled, like Susan and Katharine Hable of Hable Construction, others like Asuka Karasawa of Ateliers Penelope were new.

If you have a chance to pick up a copy of this wonderful book from your local bookstore or library, make sure you allot enough time – time to read the book and then a couple of hours to go to each artist’s website. Also, some reading advice: don’t skip the introduction because there is a really important sentence in there about what a studio is, and for those of us who work in fairly humble surroundings, it’s important to see this in black and white before you turn the page! That said, however, you won’t be depressed after looking at the studios – some artists work outside their home in generous spaces flooded with natural light, while others work in a small corner in their homes.

When I was finished reading and looking at websites, I was feeling rather inspired, so I did one more thing: I designed my fantasy studio and tacked it up on the wall – the footprint looks a little like my son’s bedroom, the son who will be heading off for college in several years…

Maybe someday my studio will be ready for cameras!


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