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The Family Knitting Project – So How’s That Going?

February 6, 2011

Ah … the scarf project that I was so excited about here. So, how did my family embrace learning a new skill and knitting a scarf for another family member? Well, I’d say the process to get them fired up and actually knitting has been a bit like herding cats. Although judging by this old Super Bowl commercial, herding cats seems to be a bit more easy.

So what to do? Well, I could knit them all, although that makes me seem a bit like a martyr, which I try not to be. Perhaps I am throwing the towel in too early; maybe, I just need to wait for that opportune time when someone says, “Mom, there is nothing to do.” Or, when we are all in the car together and going on a nice, long ride, I could whip out their knitting bags. The odds are not in my favor here though – 2-1/2 (my daughter sides a bit with me on the project) against 1-1/2 may mean that they pull away when we stop for coffee and I will be left standing in a parking lot holding four bags of knitting (that they have kindly placed in the parking spot previously occupied by my car), my coffee, and some loose change from my coffee purchase.

I thinkĀ I will continue knitting my scarf and when I hand it over on Valentine’s Day, the others will feel guilty and they will immediately start knitting … not likely.

To be continued … I guess I will opt for giving them some more time even though it pains me to see three more unfinished knitting projects all lined up.

These little Kleenex brand tissue boxes are great for holding small knitting projects, bags, pencils, etc., which makes paying a premium for the box a bit more justifiable.