Basking in the Last Hours of the Holiday Season and Looking Forward

The holiday season is about to draw to a close and the school bus will be arriving in front of my house in less than a day. No, I’m not counting the hours one bit – it has been a relaxing holiday spent with family and good friends. We also took some time to just do the things we always say we will over the holidays – thanks in large part to ideas in the advent calendar (December 2nd post) and to the fact that we were not hosting any Christmas parties at our house this year. With no house to frantically clean, we actually made it to the Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo followed by dinner at the Chicago Diner, Science and Industry Museum (fairly quiet on Christmas Eve), and a couple of movies (including Tangled which is great).

My family was not as excited about their gift of yarn (December 16th post) as I was; my son described his attitude about it as “resigned” but willing to do it since everyone else is knitting a scarf for someone else. The guys, in fact, have begun their scarves; us girls will begin this week. I am still optimistic that everyone will be laughing about this gift in the days ahead!

My daughter made a poster out of the goals and quotes everyone in the family wrote out for the advent calendar and placed it front and center on the refrigerator door – no excuses for not remembering what we want to do in 2011. Some of the family goals, ideas listed:

  • Go horseback riding
  • Go snowshoeing
  • Go to DisneyLand
  • Listen to more music
  • Celebrate each others’ accomplishments
  • Give thanks everyday
  • “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Today, we are busy cleaning and de-cluttering; I am happy to report, we are filling up boxes of items to be donated and passed on to friends. So while the mood is right, I better continue on. Happy making in the new year!


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