A Family Gift: Sharing a Craft and a Lot More

We all know the holiday season is more about the giving than the getting, but I have a family gift that will soon be wrapped and waiting under the tree for Christmas morning that is a bit of both. This year, well more likely next year, the entire family is going to learn to knit and we are going to do so by knitting a scarf for another family member. I am going to wrap up four balls of yarn and each person will choose one package from the bag. Then, together we will open them up. I’ve made it simple: the scarves will all use just one stitch, the garter stitch; the yarns are user friendly; needle sizes range from size 9 to 11; and the finished scarf can not measure more than 72 inches unless the knitter is completely agreeable to the idea of making it longer. Oh, and yes there is a deadline, we have to finish by Valentine’s Day.

I love the idea that a new skill is being learned by my husband and son – my daughter knits a little – and that we are making something for someone else. It will require patience – students and teacher alike – but I am hoping that 12 months from now, everyone will pick up another ball of yarn to knit a scarf or something else for another person in their life. I’m also hoping for some funny memories to stash away and tell in the years to come!


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