Sewing Doll Clothes and Maintaining My Sanity

The pattern and fabric for Kelly’s (the American Girl doll in the photo above) hip outfit have been migrating around my sewing room for months now. Weighing the price of doll clothes sold in stores against my dread of sewing smallish tops and pants, I finally just decided to face my fear and make the darn outfit.

The pattern, Simplicity 4786, has several different styles; I chose the easiest (View C for the dress/top and View A for the leggings) because I don’t want to be challenged by clothes I am making for an American Girl doll named Kelly. I replaced the Velcro closure on the back of the dress with snaps and buttons because my sewing machine hates stitching through Velcro, and skipped the appliques around the neckline because the fabric we chose did not need any more embellishment. The whole outfit went together in about 1-1/2 hours – and I did not even need to rip anything out or have a glass of wine at the end! In fact, it was rather gratifying to make an entire outfit and not be disappointed by the fit or fabric. Best of all, Kelly loves the outfit and has been wearing it for several days straight! As for me, I think I will whip up several more of these for upcoming birthday gifts.

A couple of postscripts here: The bubblegum pink picnic table was custom made by a family friend, Tom. As you can see, Kelly likes to hang out at it with her four-legged friends. Also, my daughter wants to make it clear that she would not ever allow a dog on the picnic table where people were going to be eating. She thinks this picture sends the wrong message to dogs by showing a dog on the picnic table. So, if there are any dogs out there reading this blog, please note, this blog believes you belong on the grass at picnics, not on table. (Never mind that we suspect our own cat has jumped on the table more than a few times when we have left the room.)


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