Book Review: Zakka Sewing

Some time ago, I wrote that I was going to take a look at Zakka Sewing: 25 Japanese Projects for the Household, by Therese Laskey and Chika Mori. It is a wonderful treasure of handmade objects for the home, some of which can truly be crafted in an hour or so, like this simple, charming basket:

I did make one change to the instructions (on page 32 in the book), which speeded sewing time up even more: Since I was using a print fabric, I omitted the machine embroidery the pattern called for, as well as the decorative button. After completing the basket, I top stitched along the edge of the basket. Next time, I think I will make the handles from ribbon rather than fabric.

This basket was so easy to make that I might just make another five to hold party favors for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party…a couple more to hold teacher gifts…a few more for friends…or, maybe I will just turn the page in the book and try another project!

Happy sewing!


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