Truckers and Quilting

If you have not seen the article, “Idle Pastime: In Off Hours, Truckers Pick Up Stitching,” in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, it is a great read. In short, as the trucking industry is hit by fewer and smaller hauls, truckers often have down time between when they deliver one load and pick up the next, sometimes as much as a couple of days. They are filling this time with hobbies such as quilting and knitting. One of my favorite quotes in the article: “When he’s [Dave White] not sewing, he’s daydreaming about it, he said as he ran a square of yellow cotton with little violets through his machine. ‘Oh, there’s many a time you’re just going down the road at 0-dark-thirty in the morning and you just start thinking about a particular pattern.'”  How many of us quilters (knitters, etc.) can relate to this, whether we are driving a truck in the middle of the night or lying awake at the end of the day, unable to sleep as we plan our next quilt in our head?


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