Jackson Pollock Inspired Valentine Cookies

We started making these sugar cookies for school parties when my son was in preschool. They’re fun to decorate with a simple confectioners sugar icing and look great regardless of the age of your helpers! The first time we made them, my son stepped back and said, “Hey!  These look like those paintings we saw where the guy threw the paint.” Thus, we now refer to them as the Jackson Pollock Valentine cookies. We varied Mr. Pollock’s technique slightly:  We drip the frosting on rather than splatter, a method that is a bit kinder to the kitchen walls.

After baking the cookies, let them cool for about 30 minutes and then mix up a batch of confectioners sugar icing, tinting some pink and leaving the rest white.  Next, spread a thin layer of white frosting on the cookies (working with about ten cookies at a time) and then drip lines of pink, letting the lines fall from the end of knife or coffee stirrer dipped in pink icing.

A side note here: My favorite sugar cookie recipe is out of Carole Walter’s Great Cookies cookbook, the dough is SO simple to work with – you just have to remember to slide them off the cookie sheet within one minute after taking them from the oven or risk having them crack.


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