Fabric Tiles Table Runner

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, my attention is totally focused on the table right now — the people who will be sitting around it come Thursday and the foods that we will be preparing and enjoying — as well as all that I have to be thankful for.

Therefore, when I sat down to play with Marcia Derse’s wonderful fabrics, I shelved my original idea to make a purse and instead designed this simple, modern table runner.

After finishing the one above with an off-white background, I played the “what if” game and made another table runner, this time  in green. As you can see it is not quite finished; I think I will quilt this one.  I’m not sure if I will get it done for Thanksgiving, but I can definitely envision some Fall decorations on it — dried flowers, small ceramic pumpkins, or a simple wood candleholder/candle.  Here is a free pdf of this pattern TableRunnerPattern.

When I was photographing these runners, I realized what a nice wall hanging this design makes, although I would definitely quilt the piece so that it would hang better.


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