A New Fabric Collection from Textile Artist Marcia Derse

Last week I made a trip to Troy Fabrics, a fabric distributor in Chicago, to purchase fabrics for several commissions that I have underway.  As I turned the corner on the first aisle, I let out a gasp: the fabric on my right looked just like Marcia Derse’s beautiful hand-dyed fabrics! Okay, I admit only a fabric lover would have this reaction, anyone else would just not get it.   When I picked up one of the bolts and read the selvage, I learned this was indeed her design.  It is beautiful and so closely resembles her hand-dyed fabrics.  My intent when I walked into Troy was to buy two bolts of fabric and not one more.  In a flash, I quickly loaded seven “gotta have” bolts into my cart — and threw out my shopping list. I thought this was pretty good considering the collection consists of 25 different pieces.

Marcia Derse Fabrics

Marcia Derse is a textile artist from Ohio.  Having met her several years ago at a quilting show in the Chicago area, I contacted her to find out more about the fabrics and their availability.  She explained the “Gerta” collection is her first fabric line for Troy; it consists of eight designs in three colorways, plus a “cheater cloth” version (cloth that mimics a pieced quilt) that is a compilation of several of the designs.  The designs were culled from her vast collection of hand-dyed fabrics that she has produced over a number of years. (And, I thought I had the difficult job of choosing just 7 bolts from 25!)   In most cases, Marcia provided Troy with the actual fabrics which they then replicated for this line.  In others, where a lighter fabric was needed to fill in the collection, she painted the design and provided that to Troy.

Marcia uses a rich palette of colors, including pumpkin, terra cotta, red, magenta, purple, and moss green (my color descriptions, not her’s).  In her original fabrics, there is a slight color variation to each one resulting in a very rich look and making each piece unique.  This same variation has been reproduced here so that even though the fabrics are produced by the hundreds of yards, rather than in quantities of less than a yard, they truly have retained the look of the original hand-dyed pieces.

You can visit the Troy website to view the entire “Gerta” line and a listing of quilt shops that will be carrying it.  In addition, you can view and purchase fabrics from Marcia directly by going to her website.  Right now, Marcia is at work on a second line for Troy.

Within the next several days, I will be posting a project that uses this wonderful fabric.  In the meantime, happy sewing!


3 Responses to “A New Fabric Collection from Textile Artist Marcia Derse”

  1. sharon Says:

    Beautiful fabric, Yvonne. What a find! Thanks, Sharon

  2. Linda Terry Says:

    Can you tell me how to get the free download for the Quilt called Jazz?
    Love the quilt!

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