Ready . . . Set . . . Sew! The 60-Minute Apron

Ready . . . Set . . . Sew!  The 60-Minute Apron


In our fast-paced world, aprons are a reminder of simpler times and good, home-cooked meals. When you see a vintage apron at a flea market or antique shop, it’s hard not to imagine the history behind it and the person to whom it belonged: the simple cotton apron that looks pieced together from leftover dress fabric was perhaps worn by a grandmother as she prepared her famous pot roast for her grown children and their expanding families on Sunday afternoons; the georgette apron was put on right before the guests arrived for a wedding shower and a light lunch of fancy tea sandwiches, cake and punch . . . Of course, as the adult now, I soon snap back to reality and think about the dishes after these events and how tired the hostess must have been at the end of the day when she finally hung up that apron!

The apron here is very utilitarian in design, but the fabrics you choose set it apart.  The beauty of it, too, is that you can wear one side when cooking and the other when serving.  Choose fabrics that have enough pattern so that any splatters are barely visible.   I made coordinating aprons for my daughter and I – her apron features the same motif but in two different colorways; my apron has a pear fabric on one side and a geometric print on the other that mimics the colors and organic lines of the pears.  I like to fold the top edge down a few inches to show the coordinating fabric on the reverse side.


If you have another fabric you want to showcase, add a pocket; or, if you like to embroider, you can embellish one or both sides.  Just remember to add these extras before you sew the two main fabrics together.

So whether you are looking for a simple project to fill a rainy afternoon, introduce a young person to the sewing machine, or simply want a little instant gratification in your sewing world, this makes an easy, quick project.  Start to finish, it took less than an hour to complete each apron.  So, click ApronPattern for a free pdf of the complete, step-by-step directions, and get sewing!


If you want to continue down the apron-making path, you might want to check out The Apron Book:  Making, Wearing, and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort by EllynAnne Geisel and A is for Apron:  25 Fresh & Flirty Designs by Nathalie Mornu.

One Response to “Ready . . . Set . . . Sew! The 60-Minute Apron”

  1. sharon Says:

    What a fine apron. I like the fabrics and I like your thoughts about aprons. I have one from a Japanese craft fair that I use a lot. Thanks for the ideas, Yvonne.

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